LOTR in music instead of words


Last night was a pretty geeky night for Mr. M and I. We went to “The Lord of the Rings: In Concert” at PowerBalance Arena, and watched the entire theatrical release (if you’re a true LOTR nerd, you know why I say this) of “The Fellowship of the Ring” as it was accompanied by a live orchestra and chorale.


It was a belated b-day present for Mr. M, who I deemed an official LOTR groupie after attending this event. It can only get worse if we move to New Zealand and commission the creation of our own “giant size” Hobbit houses. (I kid I kid)

Anyhow, it was actually an amazing experience to watch the movie with the music at the forefront, and the actors words barely coming through. You had to rely on the subtitles for most of the dialogue, but in the end, you barely even noticed. Instead, your emotions soared up and down with the symphony, and that was just perfect.


Mr. M’s love of the LOTR score is pretty well ingrained within him, and I finally got him the boxed CD set from Fellowship for Christmas last year. (Sadly, the other sets are currently quite pricey, but allegedly they’re re-releasing all 3 score’s in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the premiere of Fellowship! — If you’re interested, you can however get a copy of the newly released, “The Lord of the Rings Symphony” which is a selection of music from the full 12-hour score performed as a symphony.)  So this was an extra special treat, to watch the performers and see what it really takes to create the amazing music behind the films.

This is actually our second such “fan” event, as we went to see Video Games LIVE! a few years back at the Hollywood Bowl… and I had quite a few friends indulge in Star Wars In Concert this year as well. And, to be honest, it’s truly a wonderful way to enjoy live orchestral music if you’re not a fan of doing so in the performance hall.

And… we didn’t even have to dress up as elves (like the folks seated in our row) to enjoy it!


  • Rycrafty

    They did that here a month or two ago, but I was working!! It made me mad that I couldn’t go.
    We went to Video Games Live a couple years ago too, P really enjoyed that on.

    10-year anniversary of Fellowship? omg I feel old now.

  • Michelle

    This is so so cool. Seriously, you have now firmly secured yourself the coolest wife ever title to go along with your awesome mom one. Y’all have the funnest lives ever.