happy halloween–2011 edition

Happy Halloween everyone!

For yet another year (see 2010’s iteration here) we chose a “family” costume for this year’s October 31st festivities. Can you guess what we were from the photo of our handmade costume pieces below??


We were the Tweedles (Dee & Dum) and Alice in Wonderland!


On Saturday night, we got dressed up for the first time and went over to our friend’s house in Folsom for some seriously haunting good times. Shellie, the mistress of the house, is actually a professional haunter, so visiting her house is like going to a mini version of the Haunted Mansion. This year she added a “Madame Leota” crystal ball to her entry window… with her face and narration!!! It’s always quite a sight to see everything, and there’s always great fun and company to be had!


We’re not quite sure how it happened, but Miss L stayed up all the way until 9:30pm, at which time she traded the Mad Hatter (above), for her more snuggly companion: the Cheshire cat (below).


And once again, on Halloween night, we came home from work and daycare to get dressed up one final time for the year.

Miss L went trick or treating (aka. “TriTREAT!”) to a few neighbor’s houses and over to see Grandma M as well. She got books from our nextdoor neighbors, and huge cookies from Grandma M.


And she grabbed quite a bit of candy from this spooky house across the street with an inflated headless horseman!  She was never scared of visiting any houses, but made sure that Daddy was there with her to hold her hand the whole way.


When we came back home, she’d help say, “Hi” to all of the visitors, but didn’t quite understand why we were giving away all of the stuff we had in our treat basket… or more importantly, why she couldn’t have any of it.

She indulged in some plain M&Ms (after some really big PLEASE’s and pity looks at Daddy), and had no urge to take off any of the components of her costume all night.

And at the end of it all, I’m going to declare this Halloween quite the success! Good costumes, two successful nights of dressing up, and quite the stash of candy in the end!


I hope your Halloween was just as wonderful as ours!

[p.s. here are the components of our costumes: Miss L’s Alice in Wonderland dress, Tweedle yellow shirts, red sweatpants & red hats, Tweedle collars, blue bows & flags = crafted from scrap materials in the craft room. And a big THANKS to Mr. M for coming up with our costume theme once again this year!]