2 weeks in… 10 weeks to go… (1/2 marathon training)

Hello Week 3 of training! Nice to see you, now that I’m a bit more prepared to handle the early morning wake-up calls (thank you to everyone with the smart clothing advice re: gloves, headband, etc,) and have progress under my belt!

Here’s how the runs went down during Weeks 1 & 2:


So I’ve pretty much “run” more than I have ever have in my entire life in the past few weeks. Seriously. I ran a lot playing basketball… but never went for a jog or a run. So when I say, “I’m not really a runner” I’m not lying one tiny bit.

I worked up into a “Run .5 miles, walk .25 miles” for the Sunday run and that worked out pretty well as my endurance is strengthening. But I think I’m going to cross train and bike on Wednesdays, since those 3 runs in a row were a bit much on my back by Friday.

I’ve also added RunKeeper to my bag of “tools” to track things outside of the Hal Higdon app. I’m pretty sure I’ll sign up for the “Elite” version when I start on my long Sunday runs… so that Mr. M knows where to find me when I collapse on the sidewalk somewhere. ;)

But for now… I’m doing this thing. I have to incorporate a lot more stretching and neck/back adjustments during the day, but so far I’m proving that I can tackle this challenge before me. Even in the cold!

Tomorrow, my 3.5 mile Tues/Thursday runs start… oh boy!


  • talda

    Congratulations Kim, you’re a runner! I’m super impressed with your progress and resolve to keep running. I knew you could manage it!

  • Audrey

    I’m so proud of you!! And yes, 3 back to back days of running is hard so I highly recommend cross training days. In fact, the only time I’ll do 3 days in a row is if one of those days is a non-running focused workout (like a bootcamp class or something). Speaking of . . . I may now have an idea for my next post for you – cross training and strength training for runners!