Two months with Lincoln


If you happened to call upon our house for a visit this week, and asked for a playdate with a puppy, you might be sorely disappointed. The second that Lincoln bounded to the door, with Memphis not far behind him, you’d dispute his status as a puppy. You’d argue that you’d seen the cute photos of a fluffball and wanted to see that version of a sub 10 lb cutie. Instead, you’d see a puppy that has outgrown his sister and won’t stop growing for another year.


But trust me. He’s a puppy. He whimpers and gnaws.


And gnaws some more. He only comes when he’s called every 3rd time, and we’ve all developed a new deep and powerful, “NO!” in our vocabulary.


But he’s also a teddy bear, of the Gund variety of softness. And his sweet disposition is already shining through those mischievous puppy deeds. His bear paws are massive, especially when he steps on you… just to make sure you’re really there.


And Memphis has a seriously great new friend. The epic tug-of-war matches being waged in our living room might rival most betting fights in Vegas. But there’s also snuggling that will melt your heart.


And there’s been no love lost for the original puppy loved in our house. Memphis gets just as much love and attention as before, and still has sleeping rights in Miss L’s room.

Life is certainly crazy with a puppy in the house, but what’s life if you don’t throw it for a loop every now and then?

One Comment

  • Rachel

    he is SO cute! do you feel like the dogs wear each other out? i feel like my pup would so appreciate having a friend.

    although i’ve been told no dogs until after baby. boo :)