Crafts for kids on your campout night (Great American Backyard Campout 2013)

Crafts for Kids while camping_greatamericanbackyardcampout2013

There’s always bound to be some “down time” to just hang out at the campsite when you’re camping, and my memories of those times usually involved games, activities and of course, CRAFTS! Here are a couple of simple/easy crafts for kids that are as simple as packing a few sheets of paper!


Premade Watercolor Palette Sheets

Materials: watercolor paper, tube watercolors, paint brushes (not shown)

Supplies for making watercolor pages

When I saw these incredibly genius idea, I rushed out to buy the supplies for this week’s outdoor fun! I always took a watercolor pad and my paints camping no matter where we were to capture what I could. I was never an amazing painter, but something about watercolors, summer and camping will always be linked in my head! Now, it’s even easier to bring out those paints with a little pre-planning!

To make the automatic watercolor pages, just squeeze a tiny bit of tube water color on each page and let them dry.

DIY watercolor pages - crafts for kids while camping

When you’re ready to paint, just use a small cup of water and a brush, and magically one piece of paper Is both your canvas and your palette!

painting with watercolor pages - crafts for kids while camping

Painting with DIY watercolor pages - crafts for kids while camping

Finished DIY watercolor page - crafts for kids while camping

Nature’s Sun Prints


Materials: photosensitive paper (i.e. Nature Print Paper, SunPrint Paper Kit , Tedco Sun Art Paper), & found objects

I remember buying my first SunPrint Paper Kit in the Yosemite gift shop, but then being afraid of “disturbing the habit” too much to put anything that interesting on my paper. But in your backyard, you can turn the whole activity into a treasure hunt! Find the interesting objects, and then use them as your tools to make the prints. Kids love watching them change over time and darken in the sun!

I’ll be sure to share photos of the “completed” artwork from this Saturday in our recap!

What arts/crafts do you remember from your camping days?