hairbrush is to Miss L as vacuum is to dog


Hairbrush : Miss L
Vacuum : Memphis


I’m pretty sure the fake tears start flowing 2 seconds before I pick up the hairbrush each morning. And it doesn’t matter which magical brush I pick up… Grandma’s special brush, the one she picked out at the store with Daddy, or any one of Mommy’s from the bathroom… it’s bound to find one tangle in those locks of blonde hair and elicit cries of, “No mommy!” that can be heard around the block.

That means she usually gets a clippie in her locks to keep the hair out of her face and that’s it. Done. No fancy hair styling for you darling.

But on Friday morning, with a few extra minutes to spare in the morning routine, I asked Miss L if she’s like pigtails. She was listening and willing and even brought me the orange rubberbands in excitement. And, by the grace of a higher power that morning, the wiggly-figity little 2.583 year old ended up with two somewhat even braids on both sides of her head.

I was so excited that I asked to take her photo. Oh no. She wasn’t having that… so I literally had to chase after her through the house and corner her near the door to snap a photo. Or multiples in the hopes one wasn’t shaky.

Of course, when I arrived at school there were two other little girls with perfect french braids… and I almost sighed a sub-par parenting sigh… until the Dad behind me said, “Wow! Braids! Impressive!” (You totally know he sees L’s crazy hair every day and knew how big of a deal this was for all of us!) I simply replied, “Yes. Yes they are impressive. I’m proud.”

I’m glad I got photos of my parenting WIN…. and I’m sharing these with strangers and pretending this is a normal everyday look for her. :)


  • Coasting anon

    I have to chuckle at this. As you know, The Ladybug gets pigtails every day because if we don’t, it completely falls in her face and she can’t see and isn’t old enough to brush it away. Now that she’s a crawler, getting them in is hilarious as I follow her around the house, bent over like Igor, trying to get the bands in. And it is NEVER even! I’m just glad I can do it now because I know the day is coming when she will fight this and her hair will just have to be a rat’s nest.

  • AshleyHami

    lol – what is it with toddlers and super-duper-uber sensitive scalps? We’ve reverted back to her baby brush – you know the one with the bristles that don’t actually comb through hair, but just smooth it? Yeah that one… It takes forever, but at least she doesn’t cry :/

    Those braids are adorable – you should be proud!