crazy about the way, way back

Last week, Mr. M came home with a newly purchased copy of, "The Way, Way Back." I gave him that look of mine that is sort of sour and questioning all in one since I’d never heard of this movie that was now part of our movie library. I’m a bit of a sourpuss when it comes to DVD purchases in the current era of streaming media. However, I’d like to take back that look and replace it with a huge hug now. Because this movie is seriously one of the best things I’ve seen in a long, long time and I’m pretty certain I’m going to wear it out on sick days and lose it to friends when it’s lent out.


I thought my euphoria over the movie was just the result of a lot of recent independent movies that didn’t live up to their promise (hello misleading trailer for The Spectacular Now! I want our $18 back for that story of alcoholism masked as a coming-of-age film!), but when I started talking to other friends & family, they all smiled with rave reviews too.

So rent itstream itbuy it. There are no superheroes, the biggest star in the film is the biggest meanie, and you’ll just smile a lot.