minute clinic to the rescue

School is back in session for the fall and I think I have the sniffles just thinking about it. I’m not sure if it’s the change to cooler weather that’s the cause of our drippy noses this week or if we have the luxury of just blaming allergies, but something is definitely up! I’m just crossing my fingers that Miss L’s classroom (aka. germ factory) stays free and clear of any massive sickness for a bit and that we can at least make it to picture day before the first cold of the year sets in!

But… if Miss L does happen to come down with something, I’m happy to know that in our area we have an additional option for a sneezy check-up: the CVS Minute Clinic.

If you’ve ever tried to make a same-day appointment after 9:00am for your “sick but nothing to warrant hysterics” child at the pediatrician’s office, you know that your chances are slim of seeing anyone that day. Because when your child has the crazy coughing and sneezing cold, chances are everyone else in the city does too. I’ve totally been that mom who needs the second-opinion that all is ok and she just whatever is floating around. But I’ve also been the mom who sits around on 48-hour awake duty starting on Saturday mornings as I wait for Monday to arrive because I DO need that second-opinion and there’s no one around to help me verify that all will be well.. That’s why I’m excited to see something like the Minute Clinic pop up as an additional option.


On a recent visit to the CVS Minute Clinic, I was happy to see a super clean, modern & private patient room tucked in the back of the store. All of the prices of the services were clearly listed, and the sign-in to wait for an appointment was a simple touch screen computer. When I spoke to the nurse practitioner, I got to find out just how proud she was of the service that they were offering the community. In fact, all day she’d been seeing school-age kids for their sports physicals, an appointment that had an average wait time of 4-6 weeks in regular offices. They’ll also forward all the information about your visits to your regular doctor for your files. She also asked if I’d gotten my flu shot yet and offered it there on the spot if I’d like. This is the type of community medicine that’s nice to see!

Now obviously this isn’t a replacement for the emergency room or your regular doctor’s office! But instead, it’s spot where you can get your “not so crazy critical” medical needs met during hours and with availability that works for you.

So go ahead a check and see if you have a CVS Minute Clinic in your neighborhood, and see if they accept your insurance.

Oh… which reminds me… “Kim… it’s almost October… get a flu shot now!”

p.s. when CVS told me about their new clinic opening, they extended me the opportunity to give my readers a $50 CVS pharmacy gift card! Use the Rafflecopter app below to share your favorite fall cold remedy for a chance to win!



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  • Ayesha

    My favorite remedy for a cold is SLEEP, preferably at the onset. It’s the only thing I have found to truly work.