scenes from our farmer’s market in winter

I must admit that waking up early on a Sunday is really not my thing. If I’m honest, waking up really isn’t my thing. Sleeping really is. So getting out of bed on a Sunday is an incredibly daunting task, especially on cold & gloomy winter mornings.

But this past Sunday I coaxed myself awake and out the door in sub-40 degree weather and out to our Sunday Farmer’s Market in an effort to restock the kitchen for the week.


We’re extremely lucky because this Sacramento market is open year-round and is the largest certified market in California. And even on the gloomiest days, the piles of fresh veggies and fruits somehow makes you think that Spring/Summer is right around the corner. And yes… California grows strawberries year round (these folks drive 350 miles north to bring them in the winter).


Everyone has their own particular strategy about when and what to buy at the market. The cardinal rule is to go early (8am) if you’re looking to buy meat/seafood before the selection runs out. If we don’t “need” anything particular, I like to go around 10am, because that’s when the vendors start marking down their prices. If we get there any later, the Bavarian bakery will run out of pretzels and Miss L will be devastated.


This week’s seasonal spoils were pretty simple. Carrots, kiwi, clementines, blood oranges, lemons, avocados, kale & dates. [Have you seen the AMAZING date recipes in Martha Stewart Living this month?]

What are your favorite goodies from farmer’s market in the winter months?