someone wouldn’t mind a tropical playhouse

I’m sure if Miss L saw this playhouse, she’d feel right at home. I mean, what child doesn’t need a Hawaiian themed playhouse to go with their Hawaiian themed room?

Little diamond head exterior-1

And I know what you’re thinking, but yes, this is an ACTUAL playhouse! The “Little Diamond Head” playhouse was built for Project Playhouse: 2011 in Orange County, CA and is available for purchase by auction to the highest bidder!

Little diamond head interior

Look! It even comes with a TV & DVD player…. and the decking all around it!

The other houses for auction this year include …


Over the rainbow cottage-interior 1Over the rainbow cottage interior 2

Dorothy’s “Over the Rainbow” Cottage

Tradeparters tribute exterior

Tradeparters tribute inteior 1Tradepartners tribute interior 2

A Tuscan themed abode (this one resembles our house frontage a little too eerily… hmmm)


Sir lyon's castle-interior kids-1Img_3345

Sir Lyon’s Castle

I’m pretty sure I was jealous of the kid with the plastic Playskol house… so I’m certain that even the kids in OC will be jealous of the neighbor kid who puts this in their backyard… and I’m sure it’ll come with an ocean view too!