kim’s lovely list: march 2015


Tall style tips every Tall Girl  needs to know: Most comprehensive list of essential tall girl fashion rules that I’ve seen in quite some time! And make sure you follow for lots of great fashion finds & styling tips. She rocks 6’6” in heels and works for the Golden State Warriors.


If you find yourself struggling for a gift for someone, and that person is ever-so-slightly a geek at heart, just grab one of these awesome hoodies or tops from and you’ll be loved forever!

You know I love a good deal… so that’s why I adore buying 2nd hand gift cards online! Last week, I checked for a Build-A-Bear gift card right before taking Miss L to the store for her birthday. In 2 minutes, I had purchased a $25 gift card for $17, had it delivered to my inbox and printed out the credit to use at the store. It’s also great to check it RIGHT BEFORE you hit submit on your shopping cart, so you can save even more money after your coupon codes and rebate offers!


My mom and I used a little trick when we flew to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl. The return flights on Southwest were crazy expensive and all had at least 1 stopover. So I started pricing out one-way trips between those stopovers, I realized we could get a much cheaper ticket for a little bit longer of a layover. So we went through Las Vegas, had a crazy buffet dinner on the Strip, and went back and got on our plane. And all of that was still cheaper than paying the original fare! basically works the same way, but takes out the headache of a million different searches for you. It does mean that you have to fly with a carry-on, but at these savings, you might just ship your luggage instead!


Tsum Tsums.

The game (for Android and iOS). The adorable little stuffed animals. The big stuffed animals. They’re all insanely cute and I’m insanely hooked. Miss L loves to hijack my phone and asks to play it as well. There are some great tips here if you want to play and maximize your coins/points/collections.
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  • tracey

    kim .. thank you x 100 for the tall girl style blog ! as a fellow 6fter, it’s refreshing to see the fashion blog of another 6fter :D

    • Kim

      You’re so welcome! Her blog and choice exude such confidence that you totally want to just follow along and buy exactly what she’s gotten. LOVE it! And she loves a great deal too!