#KIDART: Portraits of self-portraits

This weekend had quite a full schedule of “go here … Now here… Get there quick… You’re late to that… Are we done yet?” activities.  So there wasn’t a lot of extra time for any large art projects. But we found time between a morning shopping & breakfast expedition and a t- ball game for some extra creativity!

I asked Miss L to create a series of self portraits by drawing a big head on a piece of drawing paper. 

“Mom! I look like a pear in this one!” as she tried her best to draw ovals as large as she could muster. 

Once she had drawn the four heads, she filled in the details of her face differently for each one. 


Then, we went outside and I had her pose for photos with her portraits covering her face. 


She loved the whole process, especially taking the photos after. In fact, I think there’s a pile of more expressions waiting to be captured on film just sitting on her at table!  

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