A pretty little desk space

When I switched jobs in April, a few of my friends warned me about the impending “cubicle” situation.

“You will miss your privacy!”

“You’ll miss having your own space!”

And I did. But as my new job is in a world of cubicles, I knew I wasn’t alone. And…I figured I’d do something about it.

I decorated my cube!

I didn’t want to be too radical, so I thought I’d stay safe with a similar color scheme to the cube fabric – aka. Light greenish.

Lucky for me, that genuis Nate Berkus designed a matching file folder for my desk in gold, which I quickly nabbed from Target. (If those other pretty good accessories go on sale, I’ll probably get them too!)

Then, I went online and bought yards of Amy Butler newest fabric “Meadow Blooms” in Sky from her Violette collection and used it to cover up my entire backwall and bulletin board.

I grabbed the ingenious idea of a “polaroid display” in your cubicle from The Beetique and printed out some of my favorite Instagrams for display. I figured this would be an easy way to remind me to continually update my photos as well!

I framed my phone list in a simple teal frame advice my phone and finished off my desk area with my little fountain and a flip photo album that’s been with me since my first days of teaching. (In fact, it still has lots of photos of my students as a reminder for why I’m doing what I’m doing.)

Finally, I left my one wall for a giant calendar, a place to hang my ID badge, and other little snapshots & artwork. I thought keeping one area not as “permanent” might be a bit refreshing…

And guess what? I don’t really miss my old office that much now! Well… I do miss private conversations and not hearing people sneeze and chew, but I’m happy to have my own delightful little space that’s not the same as everyone else’s!