happy Mother’s Day movie

It’s a very rare Tuesday night when two moms can escape the to the movies for a girl’s night out… but that’s exactly what happened this week! I had the opportunity to see a screening of the new film, Mother’s Day, and decided that a girl date was definitely in order!

So, my friend C and I escaped from our houses at 5:30pm, went out to enjoy some Mongolian BBQ (yum!) and snuck into the theater just in time for the screening to start! It certainly didn’t hurt that Tuesday is some magical ½-price popcorn day at Regal Theaters… a fact that my popcorn-obsessed self REALLY didn’t need to know… so we got some of that and some Junior Mints and settled down in the back row of the theater to watch.

And over the next two hours, we laughed/cried/tried not to cry/smiled and genuinely enjoyed watching some of our favorites (Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts will never do me wrong) portray Moms in all shapes and sizes on the big screen. And when I walked out, I definitely felt proud to be labeled “Mom” and included in the crazy mess that is life.

When I got home later that night (you know… after Miss L’s bedtime!), I found a big green ProFlowers box on my doorstep. And when I opened it up, I found this gorgeous Mother’s Day movie bouquet flower arrangement and vase based on the film. So I guess I get the opportunity to celebrate our special Mom’s Day from now all the way up until the real day on May 8th!

Needless to say, I had quite a lovely Tuesday night with a movie night out with a friend and fresh flowers to share in my house! It made me realize just how it is truly the little things that lift you up and change the normal humdrum Monday-Friday work week into something special… and that I should probably schedule those in more often on the calendar!

Why don’t you look in your calendar and see what little escape you can make this next week to treat yourself (especially Moms!)… or if that isn’t in the cards, maybe just grab an extra bouquet of flowers at your Farmers Market or grocery store to treat yourself. I swear you’ll instantly feel special and it’s definitely going to get a big smile out of you!

Happy (early) Mother’s Day everyone!