paint party at home

Have you ever been to a paint party? Perhaps you went with friends, drank some wine, and came home with an small canvas printing of a sunset, or a sea turtle, or… something else? And you had a bunch of fun just relaxing, and painting, and walking away with something that was decently passable as art!

Well, I’ve been wanting to find a paint party option for Miss L for quite awhile now and had no luck. They were all ridiculously pricey ($40+) and usually offered during the weekday and not on weekends for working parents to attend. While I kept looking for the option that would work for us, I completely stumbled upon the perfect option one afternoon: a virtual paint party!

And this isn’t just any paint party… but a Plaid Crafts paint party! (You know… the company that makes all of the crafty things you want at Michaels!)

So Miss L and I broke out the paint last Friday night, grabbed some blank canvasses that we bought in bulk, turned on the iPad, and painted along to the ‘Luau Pineapple’ Paint Party and had a blast! And I’m not an art critic, but I think our pineapples turned out wonderful!

(Mine is on the left, Miss L’s is on the right)

None of the painting was too difficult for Miss L, but the fast pace was a bit frustrating at the start. Each of the parties is about an hour in length, but this one took us 2 hours as we incorporated pauses along the way to ease the frustration. If you’re painting with kiddos, just know that you can do a hard pause and walk away and always come back when things are better!

If you’d like to have your own paint party at home, here are all of the Plaid Crafts have done so far:

Learn to Paint: ‘Blooming Cactus’

Learn To Paint: ‘Luau Pineapple’

Learn to Paint: ‘Sunflower Medley’

Learn To Paint: “Modern Florals”

Learn To Paint: “Moonlight Harvest”

Learn To Paint: “Holiday Magic”

Learn To Paint: Live Stream “Cherished Birch” 

And they have new paint parties every month! Just check their Facebook page to see what they have planned.

p.s. In case you’re wondering, this is a totally organic recommendation and NOT sponsored in any way.