the magic of every day

[source: Robert Couse-Baker]

On Friday afternoon, we had our first real stormy weather of the season. The air was chilly, the wind was out in force, and it was all-in-all a pretty lousy way to end the week.

But when I went to pick up Miss L from daycare that afternoon, there was a rainbow. It shot straight up from the ground and into the clouds with the other end of its bow nowhere in sight. It also happened that the door to the school was looking straight out upon this afternoon delight.

So when we walked out the door, I bent down to show Miss L the rainbow in the sky.

She seemed a bit confused at first, but I knew she saw it when her eyes got fixed and she just stared intently.

“That’s a rainbow L! Isn’t it pretty?”

Her eyes began to sparkle and she smiled. A little, “Ooooh!” escaped her lips, which caused me to have a great big smile as well.

I grabbed her up in my arms and headed to the car. That’s when I noticed everyone else around me.

Other parents, picking their babies & kids up at the same time, were all staring and pointing at the sky. Some were getting ready to hop in their cars, and others were just walking to them. No matter their age, everyone seemed to be taking the moment to enjoy the magic in the sky.

Happy Monday everyone!