resolution time: cleansing the boxes

I’m keeping my mailboxes clean this year, and that includes my email box as well as my physical mailbox.
I had 3291 unread emails in my gmail inbox on January 1st, 2007. I’ve since thoroughly cleansed its contents of all unread messages, unsubscribed myself from the hundreds of unnecessary lists that barrage me each day (and that I obviously never read), and archived all but about 100 emails. Everyday I archive what I don’t need to immediately respond to and I can proudly say that there are NO unread messages in my inbox this morning! BooYAH!
As for my physical mailbox… that’s a bit harder. However, I just happened to hear about this morning on NPR and figured it might be the answer to my catalog problems. [Can I even begin to tell you how I loathe getting the Wine Enthusiast catalog every 2 weeks, since not that much seems to change from season to season for grape lovers. And all because we ordered a mushroom log as a gift last Christmas…geesh!]
The site is operated by the Ecology Center and simply allows you to opt out of specific catalog mailings. My fingers are crossed that it will work and I won’t have to shred as much paper in the future. Next on the list… opting out of those ridiculous credit card offers!

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  • mzb

    I heard about that on NPR too and I totally forgot about it. I am headed there next so I can purge our subscriptoin list as well.

    I ordered pants for my dad from some hunting company because he is a large man and that was the only place I could find flannel lined pants big enough (I know…TMI) and now we keep getting hunting and fishing catalogues!! Even LLBean has sent us a special issue!