of bows and bands…

If you’ve ever shopped for kid’s clothing, you’ll know that those stores make their profits off of their accessory lines. Matching bows and clips and socks and shoes. Wallet burning cuteness that you just can’t seem to pass up. But boy does Miss L enjoy her headwear. She loves hats. She adores her clippies. And she’s got quite the assortment of headbands as well. She’s a magazine accessory feature just waiting to happen!

Luckily for us, most of her extensive collection came from “$/lb.” sample sales or sales, so their impact on our piggy bank was minimal. But it doesn’t keep me from being tempted and swayed into finding more cute things in stores at normal prices.

So imagine what my reaction was when I was stumbling through the accessory section at Forever 21 (lol… let’s not pretend I could even try to wear any clothes there) during my lunch hour and found the most ideal and ridiculously adorable headbands for kids priced at $1 and $1.50 respectively. Let’s just say it looked like I was at a frantic sample sale as I grabbed up every single color/variety there was like there was no tomorrow!!! And I was the crazy lady among the co-ed’s buying 13 headbands and nothing else. College girls can be very judgmental with their questioning eyes. Anyhow… this is what I got:

These were $1.50 each – grograin ribbon wrapped with little bows!


And then there are the big floppy satin bow headbands for $1! You can’t even buy the icky plastic ones at Target for $1! And since Miss L has a “huge” head, these adult headbands fit her quite nicely.


As Miss L’s favorite teacher told me this morning, “They are so perfect for her.” However, she was a bit concerned I was shopping there… in general and for Miss L. Oh well… I’ll take the looks and the concern from others any day for awesome $1 headbands!