mailing hearts

In an effort to kick-start my 2008 crafting schedule, I signed up for the WeddingBee Valentine’s Swap. I sent out 12 Valentine’s to various readers and my fellow bees and all of them were a little bit different.


To start off, I bought some fun pink scrapbook paper at the store and made my own envelopes. I also printed out fun labels for each card, all with a little singing bird on the back flap of the label.


I really wanted to test out my gocco on fabric, so I bought some lightly bleached muslin from the fabric store. My cards were a wrong order from Kate’s Paperie that I was allowed to keep last year, so I was happy to find a use for them! I found 4 lovely clip art images of songbirds and printed each one on the fabric in a different color. I cut each image out in an oval shape and stiched the edges to attach the design to some scrapbook paper. Then, I cut out the top beak portion of the bird print, and slipped in a little paper envelope that I had created.




(sorry for the poor photo… there’s been a lack of natural light in the apartment lately)

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