dirt under the nails

This past week, I tried to pull off a big surprise for Mr. M. While he was away on a “mancation” – I decided to make a big gesture and go through with a house update all on my own. So… I decided to rip out the entire front garden and start again (new drip system, new soil, new plants). You know, on a 90+ degree weekend.  I’m a smart one.

I’ll post more photos when the transformation is complete (and hopefully I can prove that the plants are still alive a week from now), but let’s just leave it at the fact that my hands and wrists are sore and I can’t seem to remove the final traces of dirt from under my finger and toenails (don’t you garden in your flipflops?).

But I’m pretty happy with the final result, and Mr. M was definitely surprised. As in, “what in the heck made you decide to tackle all of this on your own” surprised.” And I’m not quite sure what it was… but a short moment of boredom turned into, “let’s do this crazy thing right now!” plan of action.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who just randomly decides to do something big like this on their own? I know Michelle is in this club with me… but anyone else? Anyone?