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Remember those color schemes from a week ago? Well…. I’ve decided that I’m just going for pastel colors to brighten the area up. Blue, yellow, green… I’m just going to make my office a happy place for all who visit it.

Here’s some of the artwork that I’ve created/modified (yes… Adobe Live Trace is my close & personal friend) for my walls. I’m having photographic prints made at AdoramaPix (with the low price of $4.95/16×20) and I’ll see how they turn up. Some of the work may need to be printed on art paper… but for now I’m really not going for quality but just substance. Hopefully these will brighten up the space a bit.


03_22_08_03.jpg 03_22_08_04.jpg

03_22_08_05.jpg 03_22_08_06.jpg