how to use a $100 gift card at Banana Republic!


One of my silly resolutions this year: try my best to only buy clothes from the “tall” collections of retailers. I’m so tired of shirts slowly shrinking away despite my line drying so I’ve decided to try this new pattern out. My variety is therefore quite limited by brand (hello J. Crew, Banana Republic & Gap) but at least I know everything I’d order would actually fit my frame and I wouldn’t have to worry about showing skin. My turning point came when I tried on my favorite Gap cashmere sweater, and realized that it is only my favorite because it’s LONG… and not stupidly long, but just where a sweater should be. I quickly made a donation pile of my “short” wardrobe items and the hangers are getting lonely in that side of the closet.

On Friday, I ordered the 4 items above with an online coupon and came out to a grand total of $115 shipped. Not a bad use of a gift card (thank you American Express) if I say so myself! Online shopping is just so much easier than venturing to the mall…. and it ends up so much cheaper too!

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