spreading the moving message

While I can’t go ahead and inform the masses (aka. magazines, credit cards, etc.) of our move, I figure there’s not too much harm in day-dreaming about our moving announcements!

There is a slight design dilemma in the fact that, as they will be coming from the M’s collectively, they need to match Mr. M’s “traditionally modern” sense of style. I’m sad to inform everyone that “cutesy” didn’t make the cut this year and may be pushed back until the arrival of children in our family.

Here are some jump-off ideas from tinyprints:

3345_front1.jpg  3454_front1.jpg
“turning a new leaf” would work out   —  also love this take on a “track” home


this might be a bit too traditional for me…

3563_front.jpg 3567_front.jpg
the Hello peacock design that seems to pop up everywhere would work — now if we could find an architect mock-up of our house plan this would be cool too…

decisions…. decisions…