i want…

this table (from Council Design)

Giant reclaimed wood blocks have been coated in pure silver; the result is visible wood grain with a metallic sheen and a few intriguing spots of oxidation. A clear coat finish prevents further oxidation.

I’m sending the photo and the table to my brother for insight… and perhaps hope that a cheaper substance could achieve the same look? Or else maybe I could just cover one little patch in silver?

Oh the table lust that I have right now!


  • Robin

    Love that table! It’s a great mix of rustic and luxurious. I wonder if silver paint would create a similar effect but for less money.

  • kim

    I’m not quite sure… I’m trying to think through the whole thing, and seeing if I can experiment with some silver leaf just to see. Leaf isn’t THAT expensive… so maybe $20-30 of leaf would work just fine to cover it… same price as a bunch of paint… hmmm.