chocolate and vanilla

I’ve been really really really good about keeping my New Year’s resolution to spend as little money as possible at coffee shops. I’ve only indulged when presented with a gift card (I see you Mr. Peet’s card — staring at me on my desk), and on those rare occasions when the earth literally stops turning without the warmth and caffeine found in a disposable cup.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my craving for the tasty goodness found in a latte. So, in an attempt to further stave my appetite for an easy indulgence, I purchased some vanilla and chocolate powder from The Coffee Bean, along with…

… some Moroccan Mint tea (which is seriously to die for… it really really is)!

I survived graduate school on CB&TL Moroccan Mint Lattes (milk, mint tea and chocolate powder) and even enjoyed one on my first date with Mr. M. Hopefully my ability to make them at home (& work) will help me keep up my resolution and keep my pennies in my wallet as well!