Back to Hogwarts on September 1st

While the kiddo’s away, you’ve got to mess with her stuff, right? This time it’s a Harry Potter redo of her room, which we hadn’t touched since before she was born.

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Every September 1st is #BacktoHogwarts day, so I thought I’d celebrate today by sharing the room re-do we did for our 8-year-old wizard obsessed Miss L!

We had thought about changing up her room for awhile, but it was a visit to Harry Potter Studios in England that really sealed the whole theme idea in place. So while she went to the Lake with her grandparents for a 2-week vacation in August, we emptied everything out for a creative remodel!

First stop to your dormitory in Hogwarts is Platform 9 3/4 [ThinkGeek]

And you need a few special trinkets along the way… like THE Sorcerer’s Stone. [The Noble Collection]

Your room needs candlelight lanterns [Pottery Barn], Hedwig bookends [Target], a Tri-Wizard Cup that doubles as a lamp [Target] and some of Dumbledore’s favorite Sherbert Lemons as well!

Miss L is a Ravenclaw, but loves all the houses, so we chose bedding that was Hogwarts inclusive. [Target] Oh… and added a crazy shimmering blanket too! [Pottery Barn Teen]

The room needed a drape, so we spiced up a plain blue velvet blackout drape [Target] with some glittery fun.

As for the personalization on the walls…

Here’s Miss L playing her favorite sport: QUIDDITCH!

A vintage Hogsmeade travel poster.

A framed golden ticket to Hogwarts.

A photo capturing her first trip to Platform 9 3/4.

A special family portrait.

And a collage of her train journey, her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and her house patches.

There are a few other fun details in the room as well:

Flying keys along the ceiling [Pottery Barn Teen]

A Hogwarts House Banner [Pottery Barn Teen]

A Ravenclaw crest adorned journal.

A Ravenclaw house crest above her door [The Noble Collection]

A Ravenclaw house pennant [Pottery Barn Teen]

And a shimmering silver lamp mimicking the Forbidden Forest.

Oh… an a giant flying broom! [The Noble Collection]