just walking the dog

I’m incredibly happy that Daylight Savings time is here, despite my complete inability to wake up an hour early this whole week. It means that when we get home from work, there is actually a chance to enjoy a tiny bit of sunshine before it goes down for the day. And for Miss L, that means that we can entertain her requests to go outside and take Memphis for a walk.


She really didn’t quite understand why we couldn’t go for a walk at 6:30pm in the dark (and the cold!), but we’ve now escaped from trying to amend her reason to our logic, and can just get up and use her request as an excuse to hop outside.


We have yet to find the perfect balance between walking distance, opportunities to enjoy lake views, and kiddo/doggie fatigue, but perhaps with more practice we’ll figure out what works best. For now, walks involve Miss L holding the leash, Memphis sort of leading her but trying her best to give her slack on the rope, and either/both Mr. M and I nudging both of them to keep walking. Yes… nothing is super simple with a 2 year old, but what the heck… it’s worth it.

Anyone else head out for an evening stroll this week?