pretty word pictures

“Gin and Juice” never looked so elegant and pretty! :)

Thanks to a quick little java applet, you can make an awesome word portrait out of any collection of words that you can copy and paste, thanks to Wordle! Easy to customize the font, colors, placement, word size, etc…

I like the idea of using song lyrics — since the generator enlarges words the more times they appear in the text. It’d be great to frame your first wedding dance or perhaps your vows in a room… as the applet does allow PDF printing.


  • Kate

    Oh my goodness…this is the freakin’ coolest thing ever!! I am so glad I didn’t see this while I was at work today, or this is all I would have done all day! (And I haven’t even started messing with the fonts yet!)

  • Krissy

    That is so much fun! I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. Glad you did- I’ve bookmarked you now and will be back often :)