Cleaning up at Costco

This post was sponsored by P&G as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

You know those click-bait articles about how working parents can’t get it all done? And that they should just forget about certain things and let others go? I’m always wondering what they actually mean… because I can’t very well give up doing the laundry or the dishes? Right?

In our house, instead of giving them up or outsourcing things altogether, we just make sure we have tips and tricks to tackle everything. And the main tip/trick in this house: buy the cleaning supplies that work better than the rest!

To make sure we have LOTS on hand, we always stock up at Costco and keep a dedicated set of cabinets in the house just for cleaning supplies. That way we can be proactive about cleaning up each day/week/month rather than putting it off for another supply run!


I mean… who only needs 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in their life at a time? Someone who doesn’t have a child who loves to press her hands on every wall in the house? Or maybe someone who doesn’t have a gigantic Bernese Mountain dog who drools on everything? Yeah, I’ll take mine in bulk to wipe up every surface in the house, thank you very much!


And who has time for washing the dishes before your dishwasher does it? Isn’t that it’s job? Well, we just stick our dishes in and don’t think twice since we use Cascade Complete Action Pacs. And by stocking up on tons of them, I never feel guilty about running the dishwasher as often as we need to keep the sink free from dirty dishes!


Oh, speaking of not pre-washing the dishes, have you tried Dawn Platinum Advanced Power dish soap yet? Well, if you are not so great about cleaning up your cookware right after preparing a meal, this is your secret weapon! It literally cleans up a crazy dirty caked-on sauce or messes in seconds! I started using it last year and just stopped buying all other dish soap because this is all you need.


Now I can admit that there’s one area that I have chosen to neglect, but won’t anymore thanks to my new favorite P&G cleaning supply purchase: Swiffer Duster! I’m horrible at dusting the stair rails and baseboards, but these little guys are so easy and effective at the task that I’ve been doing it much more often now! Unlike my normal anti-static cloth, these actually grab all of the dust and d on’t shove it off to the side for another day of cleaning.

And now with all of these tips/tricks in the cleaning supply cabinet, we’re ready to tackle the next mess whenever it comes at us… or just proactively take care of things as we should each and every day. All I know is that I’m having a weekly dance party with my new Swiffer Dusters and every surface of the house because they really are that much fun!