life at the beach

Happy Summer everyone! I must say, this summer is going to be a bit odd now that we’re living more than 5 miles from the beach… since I’m not sure that river banks count as a sand replacement.

My solution to these summer blues: Bobbi Brown beach. My good friend Meagan bought me a lovely gift set of beach products last year for our honeymoon, and I quickly became intoxicated with more than just the perfume. The scent is just a perfect escape to the sand and salt water mist that you yearn for on a tropical vacation, without being overpowering.

I do, however, recommend only wearing this on weekends. Your work productivity might decrease significantly otherwise.

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  • Kate

    I like to wear my “tropical” scented lotion only on Fridays…and I swear, it has a subliminal “happy it’s Friday!” effect on my coworkers, too!