another playful take on Winnie the Pooh

My admiration for all things “not quite all” Pooh Bear started in high school philosophy and theology classes when I found “The Tao of Pooh” and “The Te of Piglet.” It was then that I realized the full power of using the Hundred Acre Woods as a background to whatever world you want. I see Miss L doing it all the time, with her “little Winnie the Pooh” or her “big Winnie the Pooh” and I smile because it’s such a wonderfully safe world to escape to every now and then.

You might remember the amazingly cute “Wookie the Chew” work by James Hance that I’ve loved forever… [as shown below and only $10 a print people!!!]

Well look what I just found today! Comic book style Winnie the Pooh commissions by Charles Paul Wilson III… featuring more geeky favorites of characters in the spirit of that silly ‘ol bear!



Definitely the perfect unique gift for anyone’s nursery if they have a comic book lover in their family!!!

p.s. Wasn’t ‘The Avengers’ amazing?!?!