summer’s sport

It takes a lot for me to sit and watch a baseball game on TV… but very little convincing to get me into the stands to watch a game on a warm summer afternoon/night.

We went to our first Rivercats game in our new town at Raley Field on Friday night. The bribe of beer & $1 hotdogs/Drumstick ice creams worked quite well. The stadium is immaculate… every seat is perfect for watching a game (even the grass outfield hills)… and the team has a player named Brooks Conrad (love it!).

I’m still in awe that this is in our backyard… and we’ll definitely be back soon!


  • Brad

    Hey, we were there on Friday night too! I’ve got my own pictures posted over at my blog. Grandma thought you went on Friday, but she wasn’t sure.

  • kim

    @ Krissy – so perfect! And since our backyard is far from “done” — this is the perfect place to spend an evening out!

    @Brad – how funny! We were down on the 3rd base line near the crazy hecklers (if you heard them) … and the water fight (in which Chris was both the 1st & 3rd victim)