lazy Sunday

Meeting of Two Kayaks

We spent yesterday morning out on Lake Natoma in three single kayaks (Mr. M, Mom M and I) just enjoying the warm morning and the cool water. We travelled under two bridges, saw many a bird, and got ourselves quite damp. Sadly, the haze from the mountain fires up the canyon kept the day from being perfect, but in all it was the perfect way to spend a hot summer morning in July.

Mr. M is now scouring craigslist for used kayaks… and while he wants touring boats for the canals and rivers, I want mine to be able to handle whitewater. He thinks I’m kidding. I’m not. :)


  • Robin

    LOL! Well you should get similiar kayaks for the both of you or you’ll never be able to keep up with each other not matter where you go. My husband and I both have touring kayaks we really love. If you ever want any advice on paddles, kayak brands, or books let me know! Too bad you don’t live closer or you could go to Canoecopia (the world’s largest paddle sport show).

  • Michelle

    I just told Chris yesterday that we should go kayaking on Lake Natoma soon. Isn’t it so peaceful out there?

  • kim

    @ Robin — Canoecopia?!?! Wow! That seriously sounds like it would be quite the show! I’d like it if we both got transitional kayaks, just in case we’d like to hop on the American River.

    @Michelle – If you want to go any weekend, let us know! It was only $10/hour for the rentals, and $12/hour for the doubles. I’m still waiting for my arms to hurt.

  • Michelle

    I always insist on doing singles because I like to race Chris, and beat him! I’ll let you know when we can have a kayaking date. Chris and Chris can talk about computer games and such.