greetings and salutations!

Sunrise at Big Sur

Since I posted the link to my personal blog over on WeddingBee, lots of folks have stumbled over here to take a look. I just wanted to stop and say “welcome” and “thanks” and hope you’ll stick around or visit again shortly!

[In case you don’t know me too well… here’s a little intro]

Over on the ‘Bee I had the great opportunity to share my favorite DIY projects during the revival of my craftiness, and you’ll be sure to see more evidence of this in the future. With a new house and a new craft room, I really can’t wait to get started on my “to-do” list of activities. Gocco, painting, felting, sewing… oh the fun to be had in there!

I’m also a bit of a craver… I adore the new and fun and unusual (as does Mr. M), so I like to share these tidbits with others. Back in college, all I needed to do was sit down at dinner or yell down the hall to share my latest and greatest deals or objects of lust. People don’t seem to take well to me shouting on the street, so I do it here instead. :)

Essentially, this blog is about my life and loves. Everything is artsy, cheeky, crafty, cutesy, fancy, geeky, homey, kimmy (oh so personal), peppy, pretty, savvy, sporty, trendy or yummy… and maybe it falls under another TBD moniker. If you’re allergic to Boston Terriers or feel faint at the sight of a needle (sewing needle that is), then this may not be the place for you. But if you’re an old or new acquaintance… welcome in!

p.s. If you could leave a little “hi” here so I can get to you better (even if I already might?) … I will treat you to a macaroon sometime in the future! :)  Promise!


  • Broke-Ass Bride

    Hello Mrs. Lemon –
    I’m an old fan from the ‘bee and a new fan here! I love your hints and tidbits and projects, and I’m so excited to follow your crafty-land trail here. Congrats on the new house!

  • Jess

    Hello Kim! I am a longtime reader of Weddingbee who just adored your wedding. I thought I’d follow you over here since I love your writing style.

  • Tali

    Hey there! I, too, was a fan of your bee-tivities, and followed you here! Congrats on the new house and good luck with the decorating and plans! I just bought my first house, too, in April but since I’m in Texas where it’s hotter than hell right now it’s going to be slow going to get anything done! I look forward to reading more of your goodness and seeing your projects!!

  • Holly

    Hello! I also followed you at Weddingbee during your planning phase and was glad to see you have kept up the blogging. I look forward to seeing your house come together and all the wonderful things you feature!

  • Jenny Louwheeze

    I missed most of your wedding details on the WB (I started reading a few months after your wedding), but have since pored through your incredibly detailed wiki and am so impressed. I hope I can continue to be creative after my own wedding, and your personal blog here provides so much inspiration. I think you’re great – keep it up!

  • Cari

    Hi :) I too am a follower of weddingbee and “met” you when you first became a member of the hive :). You by far were my favorite and because of you i am now the proud owner of a un-used gocco for the past two months now :) hehehe. thanks for sharing your personal blog with us!

  • stacey

    hi friend!
    although i’ve never actually met you in person, i LOVE reading through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your posts on weddingbee. thank you for introducing your blog to the rest of us who were craving your crafty goodness after you left the bee! i’m excited for your future posts. :) p.s. i LOVE your background here on the page. whimsical and light, absolutely dreamy. :D

  • Cari

    woops i thought the above was a subject line..i don’t actually have a blog called helloooo :) hahahah

  • kimberly michelle

    Tali – the heat is killing us here as well! In fact, I’m going to share some photos of our attempts to resurrect our garden tomorrow… but I’m not sure if it’ll live through three 106+ degree days!
    And thank you for the luck! I’ll definitely need it!

  • kimberly michelle

    Thanks for stopping by Holly! :) I’m so impressed that people still remember the days long ago before I became a Mrs!
    It’s been a strange transition from having a personal daily blog, to a huge audience on a subjective blog, and now “this” — I can’t wait to see how it keeps evolving!

  • kimberly michelle

    Krissy – You’re probably not living under a rock… but if you just happen to be, please let me know where that rock is, because there seem to be lots of really cool things there! :)

    I was referring to the wedding planning blog at :) I spread the gospel of the gocco over there, along with general craftiness due to my insane bargain-hunting nature.

  • Teresa

    Hi! I didn’t want to be a creepy lurker (since those creep me out on my own blog). I’m glad you’re still writing these days. I always loved seeing your DIY projects and ideas on WeddingBee. Plus I feel like I sort of know you! I’m a fellow Bruin and Sacramento-an (is that even the term?! I just moved here 7 months ago myself so I’m not even sure). Plus, I think my friend Bridget was your sorority sister for awhile back at UCLA!

  • kimberly michelle

    Cari – how can we get you to use that puppy? Personalized stationary? Birthday cards?? :) I’ll feel so guilty if it gets dusty!
    Thanks so much for the sweet compliment! It’s a lot to live up to!

  • kimberly michelle

    You’re so sweet Stacey! I promise to bust out lots of crafty goodness… much more than a wedding can allow! And thanks for the notes on the background! I need to modify my template… but I adore this one so much I can’t bare to see it go!

  • kimberly michelle

    Theresa – If it was Bridget P, then yes I was! :) And welcome to town as well… since I’m still quite the 9-month newbie here. And I think we’re Sacramentans. I enjoyed being called an Angeleno & Westsider so much more.
    It would be a stranger world if you happened to be a poli sci major back at UCLA? Oh how I love the world being so so small!

  • MDaggs

    Hi Kim! I think I have seen you around town. Hmmmm, I just can’t put my finger on it right now. Instead of a macaroon, may I have some fro-yo?

  • Kaci

    Hey Mrs. Lemon!!
    I am so glad that you still keep up the personal blog even though we don’t get to see you much on WB anymore :(
    Oh, and I have a boston too!!
    His name is Oakley:
    Oh yeah, you got me hooked on Gocco too…well, I use the term “hooked” loosely…I HAVE broken it out of the box and purchased a ton of supplies, but I haven’t actually used it in the year that I have had it…

  • Teresa

    Yup! Bridget P.! We worked at Access Control together. Ah, I will always miss LA (already counting down the minutes to my next trip down there in August to visit my sister) but Sacramento is starting to grow on me.
    And…dum dum dum…I was indeed a poli sci major! Such a very, very small world indeed! AND (wait for it…it gets even smaller!!) according to your WeddingBee profile, your hubby of one year is an environmental consultant and I practice environmental law and deal with environmental consultants all the time! I’m actually waiting for the day where I walk into a conference room and see him standing there and I can shout (well, in a professional, lawyerly sort of way), “Hey! You’re Mr. Lemon!!!” (and then promptly lose all credibility with everyone else in the room :-P)

  • Mrs. Radish

    Hey Lemon!

    I added your new blog to my reader, so now I’ll be able to keep up with you. I think I had an older version of your blog on there before or something. This new one is nice and snazzy :) And I’ve definitely missed your posts around the hive.

    ~ Radish

  • Vivian

    Hi Mrs. Lemon! I’m a huge fan and came over from Weddingbee. Your flickr idea is amazing! I have “borrowed” that idea for my own wedding (in two days!) I’m glad that I can continue to see your wonderful sense of style in a new blog! I’m so excited!

  • SKM/stefm

    Hello Lemon – i’m a bee reader and norcal knottie (and sac gal too) who only discovered the bee and the whole blog world a few months ago. i think it all came about by being utterly confused by all the creampuff/lemon/penguin references on the norcal board. i was kind of like, okay, i’m a fairly smart gal – i must investigate this. THANK GOODNESS! B/c i found the bee. and blogs like this one. and i so do enjoy! so now i stalk u. Hi! :)

  • C

    I also followed you from WB! Loved your posts there and will probably be trying out some of your crafts from here! :0)

  • Sherry

    I’ve been lurking on your blog without really commenting much. (sorry) But I do enjoy following it on my G-reader. So, “Hi” from a lurking fan!

    Btw, great flare on that photo!

  • kimberly michelle

    Radish – Thanks for adding me to the reader! I have my very own “Bees” section in my GR and was so happy to see your updates the other day! I’ve missed seeing all of the familiar faces … so I’m hoping more and more of us link up on our own blogs. :)

  • kimberly michelle

    Congratulations Vivian (as I’m sure when you read this, your splendid wedding will be complete)!!
    Thanks for the wonderful compliment… and I just love seeing others enjoy the FLICKR fun like I did!

  • kimberly michelle

    C – I’ll definitely try my best to include as many fun DIY projects as I can on here and share others that I find! It’s my favorite part of blog surfing — finding something new to try and being inspired by others!

  • Erika

    Hi Kim! I was an avid weddingbee reader when I was planning my wedding. I’m a recent newlywed and inspired by your creativity. That craft table is great and I can’t wait to see your projects!

  • AliyaP

    Also a Weddingbee Lemon-lover here! Your craftiness shocked and awed me to my core…and now I’m a brand-new Gocco owner and user. Thanks for posting the link to your personal blog (I not-so-secretly wish I could follow along with all the ‘Bees post-wedding).

  • Andrea

    I saw your blog on the NorCal Nest board and enjoy it. I’m not a crafter, but interested in learning and love your creativity.

  • Cynthia

    Wanted to delurk, since I know I’ll be back to read your fabulous little blog. I loved reading your Lemon posts on Weddingbee, and am excited to see what other crafty and chic ideas you have!