debut of the craft desk!

While I alluded to the components of the desk before (as well as the presence of my craft room), I can now share photos of the full and complete project! Here is my brand new craft desk in all her glory!

It’s no secret that IKEA is one of my happy places, and I had a feeling I could hack some shelf items into exactly what I needed. The two table legs are simply Billy bookcases braced together with 3 pieces of painted 2×4’s from Lowe’s (a whole $3.75). I also chose to paint the back of the billy bookcases in white paint just to disguise the cardboard flavor.

Now the fun part of the table came when we went to pick out a tabletop. Trying to be as resourceful as possible, I went straight for the plain ‘ol fiberboard section. Mr. M quickly saw this glass design, however, and persuaded me to spend a little bit more to get something really fun and unique (well… as unique as you can get buying from a global Swedish superstore).

But it all didn’t come together until the last part of the project emerged: my beautiful white leather barstools. It was the “whipped cream” topping for my craft desk, and a super surprise present from Mr. M. It turns out that they’re not only super cute, but very functional and adjust to exactly the perfect height that I need.

Now that my friends, is my spiffy new bargain of a craft table ($162 to be exact). The only thing left to do now… is use it!



  • Cathleya

    I just drooled on the floor, so gross! Very Very Gorgeous. Puts my boxes of craft crap in the garage and floorspace that I work on to shame . :) Great job you two and, AGREED, the chair is SO the icing on the cake!

  • MDaggs

    You are hired to help me put together our house when we get one. I shall not buy any furniture without your presence. That is an amazing desk Kim. A good place to look at wedding photos!

  • Ellie

    You have a craft room! **drool** I’m thinking some pretty amazing things will start coming out of there… Hey – where’d you find those awesome magazine holders, btw?

  • Maureen

    Good job. I like a high worktable for crafts and walk about room.

    I hacked one of Ikea’s marked down coffee tables by switching out the short stubby legs to tall red ones and it looks to be about the same height as yours. I’ll be interested to hear how you like working on glass…I found one that I used for a while to be cold on the arms.


    Great job!!! I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of craft desk i want and this looks great. Where did you get the chairs they look great and they look like they’d work for me too!!!!