familiar tunes

So I opened my inbox today to find the latest presale ticket offers and saw this headline: “Get tickets before the general public to see Sara Bareilles live!”

All I could do was smile a big smile for a fellow Bruin and old dorm mate and her killer success. But know that I can’t really claim to be “her friend” or even an acquaintance. Sara lived in Sproul Hall with my friend Shalini 3 floors down from me… and all throughout my 2nd year I was told about how talented the freshman was. I heard that she was working hard on auditioning for Spring Sing (UCLA’s annual talent show) and when she made it in the show, my friend made us go buy our tickets ASAP. When it came time to watch the show, I sat with her devoted roommate/fan and screamed along with her as she performed twice, once as a soloist and again with the school’s top a capella group. Sara’s solo performance was haunting and amazing… and you knew she’d won something big. And she did… at a show where the future Maroon 5 (aka. Kara’s Flowers) didn’t win anything.

And now her songs are served up as candy on the radiowaves everyday. And she’s got PRESALE tickets. Pretty dang cool.


  • Janet

    Whoa, I didn’t know she went to UCLA, too – how cool!

    Dallas and I used to go see Kara’s Flowers at BrewCo – ha! I had no idea they were the same group until I saw a KF CD that said “This is what we used to be called before we were called Maroon 5.” Crazy!

    Hope you’re doing well! Come see me in SF sometime! :)