magical forts

Miss L has a fort. Well. More like a pop-up castle that was gifted by Grandma & Grandpa L. And she’s got a pop-up house at Grandma & Grandpa M’s house as well!


But it has quickly become her space: to pout, to dream, to giggle, to hide. She dives through the windows, pulls the doors shut, and pushes anyone out who dares to intrude on her 10 square feet of space on the living room floor.


It’s nice for her to have her own piece of real estate in a house that is mostly not hers. I guess this is just the modern day convenient of a big cardboard box?

Childhood is all about making these little places were imagination can run wild. Forts are just one little component of this time in life.

Doctor Who’s Fort [LE 35 – $25]


I’m super tempted to ask the amazing Genevieve Santos compose some art to capture this period of L’s life. Her “fort artwork” is so imaginative and amazing – and kids only hide in blanket forts for so long.

The Magic Fort – WonderGround Gallery

The day Miss L’s lion stops roaring and guarding her castle will be a sad day for everyone. I really do wish we could all have permanent blanket forts in our house forever!