facebook-ing the Olympics

HUGE Olympic fan here. HUGE. So big, in fact, that Mr. M is seriously monitoring the DVR usage over the next two weeks to make sure I don’t blow the whole thing up.

But this year, thanks to the glory of social networking, I’ve gotten to see even more of the Olympics than previously imagined.

One of my high school classmates (and LA ’02 TFAer) happened to be at the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night. She posted a few images at 3:30 PST of the festivities, warning friends back home that it was not to be missed.

Here you can see how smoggy the stadium REALLY is!

As well as what it looked like to a normal spectator!

Aw heck, she even got to say “hi” to Jackie Chan!

Then… thanks to an “announcement” on facebook, I find out that my sorority sister Sarah has a brother covering the games for NBC and is actively blogging about it here. So far, I’ve learned the press village food is disgusting and they serve $0.85 beers at the beach volleyball matches! That’s way better than Manhattan Beach prices!

I’ve also gotten to see the cheers and enthusiasm my friends have shared with athletes headed to the games, as well as the agony of defeat for those who didn’t make it through the trials this time around. And we’ve most recently shared in the mourning of UCLA family member, Todd Bachman, and sent prayers to his daughter, Wiz (’00) and wife, Barbara. MOH Audrey spoke to them numerous times when she covered volleyball for the Daily Bruin… and I knew his face from the annual banquets.

Social networking keeps bringing the world closer, and in this case, Beijing is starting to feel like my backyard.


  • leah

    The opening ceremony was mind blowing. I honestly could barely handle how much it challenged my perception!

    So, so devestating about the Bachman family. And social networking does bring us closer, as I feel the pain for a MN family who were a part of one of my favorite hobbies – gardening – and you feel the pain for a family of your school.

  • Cynthia

    One of my friends from highschool is also in Beijing for her job, she’s in the communications department for USA Swimming, so she’s gotten to watch some of the races in the Cube!