#WEverb12 5: fellowship

This past year, I decided to reengage and get more involved in my sorority’s alumnae group. I had tested the waters by volunteering with the collegiate chapter as an advisor, and gotten to know some of the other advisors, and decided I’d like to jump in with both feet into helping out with the alumnae group as well.

What I got back was a sense of membership that I’d felt missing for awhile… and I like having it back again. I’ve always been a member of some sort of club/organization/group, and when it was gone I realized just how much it’s part of my identity to be a piece of a larger group puzzle. I’ve found an outlet for my creative pursuits and desire to get out and do things. I also started gaining some friendships that have an instant start thanks to similar experiences… which is always a nice thing to have.

In all, it’s been a really positive endeavor and, once again, I’m happy that I found a lovely community to engage and participate within!


  • Cara

    another Alum sorority participant here! Also during my wedding I participated a lot in online wedding blogging/ social media sites (knot, weddingbee, etc) It has evolved and changed from actually participiting on those actual sites now, since we’ve all been married for a while now, but those communities have garnered me many friends and a feeling of community.