Picnic Goodies

Yesterday, we had our annual staff picnic over in the east bay, and as a member of the social committee here at work, I took on the task of organizing a couple of activities and games for everyone’s enjoyment.

Inspired by my recent exposure to the tailgate craze of Cornhole (via the Lowe’s Motor Speedway parking lot), I decided to create a beanbag toss for the kids at the picnic.

I enlarged some graphics I found on istockphoto and transferred them to these 20×30 art boards. Then… just cut out the mouth for the hole. As you can tell, our box cutter wasn’t exactly super sharp.

(book & apple digitally added to cover our work logo)

The whole thing was a play on kids getting “healthy snacks” … so the beanbags needed to match appropriately.

Unfortunately, there was a severe run on “green” felt at the craft store, so I just tried to be inventive using what I had. An egg is healthy, right? :) There was also a strawberry, but one lucky picnic-goer took it home with her.

It was a pretty big hit with the kids, and not too shabby to enjoy some craft time at work!