little pumpkin pies for little people


Miss L has her first “school Thanksgiving” today at lunch. There was a sign-up on the door to bring in certain elements of a normal Turkey Day meal… like turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc. Being the sweets lover that I am, I signed up to bring pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

I could have gone to the market, bought a pumpkin pie and called it a day. But instead, I hit pinterest and searched for “mini pumpkin pies” and found the perfect answer.

The idea is really simple. Buy/make pie crust. Cut out circles (I used a pint glass!). Stuff them into greased up muffin tins and score the bottom. Pour in pumpkin pie filling. Cook! But since normal pumpkin pie takes a long time to cook and two different temperature settings, I wasn’t quite sure how to adjust mine to work. It turns out that Make and Takes had the magic secret “cooking time” that I was looking for… 425 degrees for 15 minutes (like normal pie) and then 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

I added the little pie crust flowers because I couldn’t bare to leave all of that unused dough just sitting on the counter. And, well, because it’s pretty.

Bite sized pumpkin pies for the little kids. So much easier than cutting and serving a whole pie to 10 toddlers!