one jelly ring please?

Does anyone else recall “back in the day” when HARD CANDY nail polish was something like $12 (but back when gas was $1.50/gallon… and $12 was like $20) and those rings were the biggest status symbol in high school? For some reason Wet N’ Wild blue with glitter just didn’t cut it anymore and you had to have TRAILER TRASH and SKY on your toes? I remember oogling them at Nordstrom’s sometime around 15-16… and seeing the empty displays already raided by someone cooler than I.

I guess I’ve just run so far away from the nail aisle that I missed the memo on how affordable it is now. In fact, TRAILER TRASH is down to $1.75 at Hard Candy’s website, and Sephora even has colors for $3.50. Maybe I should stock up for future 90’s parties?


  • Jess

    I can’t believe how cheap that is, I remember wanting it so badly! I never wear nailpolish now but I think I might grab a bottle of this at $1.75!

  • Harmony

    I love it! One of my prized possessions was the pink plastic ring very much like the one on the right. I remember that my bottle of Hard Candy had to sit out on my dresser so all my friends could see it when they came over. I was all about the status symbols back then. Now I don’t think I could keep up with teens. They’re wearing designer fashions that I still can’t afford! ;)