the best of the best!

Thanks to the newest publication from my handy dandy Nugget Market, I discovered that the California State Fair holds a competition celebrating the best commercial wines each year. Since California produces 90% of all of the wine in the country, you can be quite certain that the winners are truly at the top of their class.

Being the Trader Joe’s wine buyer that I am, I was shocked and surprised to see how reasonable the prices were for the winners ($7-15). And since they all happen to be on sale at Nugget, I might have to pick some up just to see if they live up to their accolades!

Best of Show : Red Wine
Gold Medal 95
2006 Mendocino County, Pinot Noir, Castle Rock Winery

Best of Show: White Wine

Double Gold 98

2007 Monterey Riesling, Loredona

Best of Show: Sparkling Wine

Double Gold 98

NV Napa Valley, Blanc de Noirs, Mumm Napa


Double Gold 98

2007 Mendocino White Riesling, Late Harvest, Anderson Valley

Navarro Vineyards