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mojitea by Argo Tea

Long gone are the days of Snapple Iced Tea looking delicious and appealing  at the market, especially when you have people willing to taste and experiment with something other than black tea. The Argo Tea bottle drew me in right away, as did the name of this variety: mojitea.  Mojito and iced tea? YES PLEASE! And knowing that it was a brand name tea shop in major US cities (i.e. Chicago) made me feel quite safe in this tasting adventure.

The ingredients listed  Armenian Mint tea, lime juice and cane sugar as highlights which makes it sound like an amazing summer cooler for just about everyone. But, unfortunately whoever blended this drink for longevity on the store shelves decided to overdose on each of the flavors… so you get a huge dose of MINT AND LIME AND SUGAR at once. It’s not at all a combination of ingredients, but instead it’s just an explosion of flavors akin to eating 3 different flavored Starburst candies at once. It’s truly a tragedy, because the lime should add to the mint and the sugar should sweeten that combination. Nope. Just a sickly sweet gulp of super limey super mint tea.

I wanted to trade Mr. M for his drink… but doing so would have been cruel.


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If, for some reason, you truly adore the strong flavors of mint tea, lime and sugar … you’ll find this palatable.  Otherwise, I’d stay away from this bottle. I’d have been kinder in my review, but having tasted other varieties of Argo Tea that worked (Carolina Honey)  and didn’t work (Pomegranatea) … I know what side this one fell one.

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  • Kate

    I’m really glad for this new section because I’ve wanted to pick up one of those teas for a while. I’m attracted to drinks in glass bottles. As my collection of POM drinkware can attest to.