PSA to all float lovers

Warning: the bottled flavors contained in this beverage should not be mistaken for the REAL thing. Drink at your own risk only in situations of dire thirst where there are no other options, or when in need of a severe sugar rush (63g in each serving).

Oh boy… good thing I only bought one instead of a whole 4-pack!


  • MDaggs

    I saw these at Bel-Air while shopping this weekend. The only thing that stopped me from buying them was the price tag. Where are they sold invididually?

  • Kim

    I bought mine at Long’s… they just started putting them in the fridges. Don’t do it. Seriously. About 10 minutes after writing this, I feel like I o.d.’d on Halloween caramel candies.

  • Tee

    Oh how I wish I could have bought just one. I have 3 sitting on my counter that I can’t make myself pour out just yet (only been there 2 months) but I feel the time is coming soon.