#WEverb12 is ready to go…


Last year, #WEverb11 came together in a matter of frantic days. This year, #WEverb12 is ready with a bit more planning and just as much help from friends far and near.

If you’re looking for a way to reflect and end 2012 by looking forward to 2013, I’d suggest you check it out. You can blog, microblog (twitter, tumblr, facebook), and even instagram your way through the month of December. Participate one day or all days, there really are no rules. You just have to be into the spirit of sharing and the season of reflection.

Here’s the blurb on “what is #WEverb12” straight from the site itself. List yourself as a participant, sign up to receive the prompts by email and follow the twitter or facebook pages.

Hope to see many #WEverb12 hashtags floating around the web starting tomorrow!


a series of questions/prompts that ask you to reflect on 2012 and look forward to 2013


you! and your friends! and many of your newest Internet acquaintences!


December 1st – 31st, 2012


your chosen space for reflection – a blog, your twitter feed, your Instagram feed, facebook, your “notes” app on your iPhone, a crinkly notepad in your office cubicle


because it’s good for your soul? because you like to answer questions? because your friends are doing it? participation in #WEverb12 is for anyone who wants to join in, so if you’re intrigued please take a step forward and participate!


1) sign-up for #WEverb12 by clicking on the participants link and, if you’d like, sign up to receive the prompts by email by clicking subscribe! 2) there is a given prompt for each day of December. Respond to one or all of them, on the day of that prompt or later. There are no specific rules to follow! Then come back to www.WEverb12.com and share the link to your reflection on that given page so that we can all share it with you and create a fully engaged #WEverb12 community.  And don’t forget to use the hashtag #WEverb12 on all of your social media! 3) keep writing, keep reading, keep the conversations going and enjoy the month of December and #WEverb12!