paper or plastic no more

While wandering through the mall this weekend, I took a cue from Danny Seo and finally jumped at the chance to buy some sturdy canvas bag for groceries. They’re only $1.99 and the profits go to charitable foundation for after school programs (go work!). Plus, they have a wonderful flat bottom that keeps things neat and organized!
I bought 4 of them and immediately put 2 in my trunk and kept two in my driver’s side door compartment. In the short term, I’ll alleviate the guilt of getting plastic bags, and in the long term I’ll save money when they actually start charging for them.
And if I happen to find blank versions of these bags in the future, I’ll be decorating them on my own whim. For now, grass is just fine for me!

One Comment

  • Stacy

    OH THOSE ARE SO CUTE! I’ve been looking for an affordable, flat bottom recyclable bag for our groceries. This may be the one for us! Thanks for the tip!