love for Archer Farms

I think I may have hit Archer Farms overload. Target has filled my Trader Joe’s niche (why oh why must you be 10 miles away?) and I seem to discover something new every week.

This weekend, we tried out the Banana-Chocolate Chip Monkey Bread. My pal Cathy had complained about the extreme challenge presented by the Williams-Sonoma mix, and while I had recommended this to her, I had yet to actually taste test it to see if it was worth the baking.

Turns out all you needed was a 1/2-cube of butter and 1 cup of water to make some sugary goodness… and judging from the fact that it was gone before I could snap a photo, I think it was well received by Mr. M.

Next up….chocolatey-cherry goodness in Black Forest Brownies.