Monday is my new Thursday

In high school, we lived for Thursdays. And it all revolved around one word: FRIENDS. Even the girls in the dorms would make sure to record the episode on the VCR during study hours so they could be up on the gossip before us day students could ruin the plot line surprise. And we all had the CD, the t-shirt, the “Central Perk” coffee mug… we loved it.

I’m going to claim that “How I met your Mother” is now the new Friends, or at least, it’s my sitcom replacement. Mr. M and I own Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD… and I think we may have stayed up way past our bedtime busting through episodes on numerous occasions. It’s funny, charming, witty and completely easy to relate to. And it’s got Doogie. What else does it need?

So in case you’re in need of a show that isn’t an hour long intense crime drama, another show about spoiled rich teenagers, or something labeled “reality” — try escaping for a half hour with Barney, Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily.