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what’s on my desk… 9.24.08

photo.jpg by you.

Just for today, I’m going to consider the carpet… my desk. The only reason is because this whole contraption is set-up in the empty media room/loft and I could jumble all the cords I want before Mr. M would start to care.

And just what exactly is it? Why…. it’s the start of my lovely home PHOTOBOOTH!!!

Yes ladies and gents, next time you visit the M household you just might be lucky enough to be able to take endless strips of photos of yourself! I bought a used Canon A400 on ebay for $12.50, my photo printer was refurbished and $35, and I’m using Mr. M’s old CPU and my super old LCD monitor. The magical ingredient in all of this: PSRemote software! Simply run the program and your computer takes and prints photos for you! It’s quite awesome actually.

So the next step simply involves “racking” this all up (now that it all works in sync) and designing some spiffy layouts for the photostrips! And when it’s all up and running… I’ll be sure to share photos of our beautiful models with you!

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